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Our mission is to create sugar-free but sweet options for families and individuals who want sweetness in their lives, without the sugar.


Our story

Our story begins in 2015 in the small Nordic country of Iceland, where three friends started off by taking a hard look at healthy and unhealthy diets. Two of them had close relatives with type 2 diabetes and all three were quite concerned with the amount of sugar in popular food items. Every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner to afternoon snacks – was full of sugar.

We wanted to make it easier for our families and others to limit sugar intake. Going cold turkey is possible for some, but most people need a little help.

When we discovered Stevia we realized we had found at least part of the solution. Thankfully, cutting out sugar would not mean cutting natural sweetness from our lives. We started with acquiring a small production facility in Iceland producing Stevia drops and a tabletop sweetener.

In our second year of operations, at one point we had an excess of our erythritol and stevia blend Sweet Like Sugar, on stock. Hence, the risk of the product being expired was imminent. To fight against financial losses, which was heavy for a young startup, and to prevent food waste, the idea of making jams came to life – spurring the first and most popular line of Good Good products - the Keto-friendly spreads.

We love developing, testing and making real added sugar products, and in the pipelines there are great new sugar free products that will be introduced soon.

More to come …

- Co-Founders of Good Good: Agnar, Gardar & Johann

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