We Are Looking For Brand Ambassadors


Our Brand Ambassadors are a living, breathing embodiment of the Good Good Brand. They Dream About New #sugarfree Recipes and Are Always Trying Out New Ways To Deliver The Healthy #goodgoodlife lifestyle.


Our Good Good Brand Ambassadors are the “medium” and the “message”. They reach out to people that traditional marketing can’t. Influential people are savvy and immune to spin. Our Brand Ambassadors build personal relationships with influential people, giving them honest communication straight from the heart.

LIVING THE VALUES #goodgoodlife

As a Good Good Brand Ambassador you are one of the driving forces of contributing to the #goodgoodlife. You are the role model. You are the goal of a beginner. The aim of the #goodgoodlife and the Brand Ambassador program is to spread the sugarfree and healthy lifestyle. Make people believe that every bite counts!


Our Good Good Brand Ambassadors believe that the Good Good natural sweetener brand is world class. After all, if it isn't doesn't we will have lost one battle against sugar.


Send us an email (jobs@via-health.com), with your location, thoughts, previous experience and ideas on how to become world class. If both parties are happy we create a win-win contract on how to tackle the right market environment and fighting sugar world-wide.

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  • Nasry Hussein on

    I would like to apply for the brand ambassador

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