We are already too late. We need to cut down sugar consumption now!

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We have all seen the news on how harmful consuming sugar is in regards of our health. Diabetes is increasing and obesity and sugar is believed to be connected with many other obesity-related diseases, e.g. heart diseases, high blood pressure, liver diseases and many more. Though it is now “common sense” that too much sugar consumption can relate to these lifestyle diseases we are still consuming too much sugar. Why is that?

Diabetes on the rise

In the year 2015 those who suffered from diabetes were 415 million people, it is estimated that in 2040 a total of 642 million people will suffer from diabetes. Shifting from one in every 11 adults that has diabetes in 2015 to one in every ten in 2040. Causing many more people to have less life quality and fighting this horrible disease.


We need to take action

As a marketing ploy, after the WWII the sugar industries controlled the debate on nutrition. So when scientists and doctors started to question why obesity and other lifestyle diseases where on such a rise, and why so many were being diagnosed with diabetes, the sugar industry conspired to make fat in foods as the main culprit. This was a common misconception until in the 1980‘s when finally scientific research cached up and many of harmful effects of sugar were published and introduced to the general public.

Processed foods

Today, we see that sugar is a hidden in processed foods.

Why is sugar so prevailant in proccessed foods? There are mainly three reasons for that:

  • it makes the food taste sweeter
  • its addictive
  • It makes the foods have longer shelf-life

From that point, we as consumers need to be aware of the hidden dangers of the food that we buy, especially in regards of children, but many food products that are marketed towards children contain especially high amounts of sugars, e.g.:

  • Chocolate hazelnut spreads
  • Jams
  • Cereals
  • Crackers
  • And many more

It is our mutual responsibility to take action against the threat of sugar. Even though many of us consider that we are eating far less sugar, since sales of white granulated sugar in kg bags is decreasing, the biggest consumption of sugar is through processed foods that contain incredible amounts of added sugar.

The responsibilities to fight sugar consumption is ours

To avoid sugar we need to take responsibility. We, at Good Good by Via Health, we promise to produce only products that contain no sugar or do not contain any added sugar. We promise to create and supply healthy, sweet and tasty products that you can replace for the heavily sugary products that are already contaminating our bodies, by using scientifically researched natural sweeteners instead of processed sugar and creating products that you can consume without all the bitter and harmful effect of sugar.

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