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Sugar Substitutes | Proven Benefits Of Good Good Stevia Sweetener Sugar Products

Sugar Substitutes | Proven Benefits of Good Good Stevia Sweetener Sugar Products

The body functions in optimal conditions and optimal conditions require the right sugar levels in the body. Most of the manufactures foods in today’s world contain added sugar which is unhealthy. But there are good companies such as Via Health and their product line Good Good. Instead of destroying our body we should be able to use some of the sugar alternatives such as the sweeteners that acts the same purpose with sugar in the body contained in the Good Good products. Stevia is a good example of a natural sweetener. There have been debates whether sweeteners are safe or not but the fact is that stevia and erythritol, both natural sweeteners, are recommended as sugar substitutes.

Stevia and Erythritol


Stevia and erythritol are some of the ingredients for the good products. Stevia is one of the food ingredients that most of the products that are healthy contain. It serves to replace sugar by providing the same taste that sugars does in foods.


 The advantage of stevia is that it does not contain any calories hence avoiding the effects caused by excess calories in the body. It is also unique from other natural sugar substitutes in that it is derived from the plant which is the stevia plant. Stevia plant belongs to the Ateraceae family which has connections with the ragweed and daisy. The prized species of stevia is grown in Paraguay and Brazil where people use its leaves to make food sweet. Stevia does not contain any calories in it and it produces the sweet taste which is 200 times that of sugar.


Erythritol is another ingredient of Good Good products. This is a polyol allowed in USA and Europe. This ingredient acts to reduce the amount of sugar and calories intake into the body. The advantage of this type of ingredient is that has about 70% of the sweetness of sugar. Furthermore it prevents the teeth from decaying because it does not easily digest so the bacteria in the mouth that rely on sugar for energy fail to get food and therefore they cannot multiply. The reason behind it nor producing sugar is that the body is unable to break it down, hence it travels through the body without being metabolized.


 Is erythritol a safe and suitable alternative for sugar? The answer is yes. Erythritol is one of the natural sweeteners that helps to regulate sugar levels in the blood as it does not inhibit insulin from performing its work. Erythritol also serves to prevent the gum disease of the teeth. Stevia can as well be used as sugar substitute and this make it the best ingredient because it only requires a little amount of it and the taste of sugar is obtained. Stevia is a natural sweetener because it is obtained from plant.

Healthy Sugar | Healthy Living

Selecting the right product accounts to 99 percent of your health life. Some of the best health products that are sugar free are the products from the Good Good line. There are various health application of this ingredients. There are several health benefits of stevia. One is that it helps to lower the blood glucose level. This happens in that when it is consumed and digested it does not produce more glucose as its glucose content is minimal. Stevia also helps to lower the blood pressure, blood pressure results from narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels which is as a result of fats formed from excess glucose in the blood, but stevia does not provide excess glucose. Stevia also prevent diarrhea, inflammation disease and formation of tumor.

Erythritol too is an ingredient of the good products and it also has health benefits. It prevents the teeth from decaying because it is categorized as no cariogenic product. Other benefits of erythritol include, preventing diabetes, obesity, anti-aging and it also treats the digestive problem. Erythritol also combats free radicals and produces the cooling sensation for the mouth.  It is also a friendly diet sweetener as because, it share the noncariogenetic and has zero calories composition. With erythritol you can be ale to scavenge the hydroxyl radicals. This comes into success in that, polycols functions to scavenge the hydroxyl radicals. Lastly is that erythritol is a potential endothelial protecting agent.

Summary of Sugar Substitutes | Proven Benefits of Good Good Stevia Sweetener Sugar Products

                In conclusion, it has come out clearly that, the good good product are one of the best products that are safe when it comes to regulation of sugar intake to the body. Erythritol and stevia are some of the natural sweeteners that can act well to give a healthy diet. Most of the products that we ingest into our body contains a lot of sugar which is harmful to our health. The best way to keep healthy is to eat the right foods that contains the right ingredients. Before getting yourself something to take when you are thirsty or hungry it is good to understand the ingredient that the product contains for the sake of your health safety. Uncontrolled sugar intake in the body makes the body prone to disease such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and even tooth decay. Some of the good good products include, sweet drops of stevia and sweet like sugar stevia. From this discussion we have been able to understand the two ingredients that are some of the natural sweeteners available and used regularly today in the good good products company. We have also answered the following concerns: is stevia healthy, is stevia safe and is stevia good for you. This are some of the best healthy and natural sugar substitutes recommended. Some of the good good products include: good good sweet like sugar and sweet drops of stevia that contains different flavors such as lemon, chocolate, coconut, peppermint and strawberry.

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