Pancakes topped with ChocoHazel with Stevia

Pancakes topped with Choco Hazel with Stevia
This easy pancake recipe that will rock your weekend brunch! It has only a few ingredients and wait for it - it has no added sugar! Using products from Good Good Brand we created delicious pancakes with our new Choco Hazel with Stevia spread. You will not regret trying this recipe out, we promise you that! 
2 cups flour
2 cups almond milk 
2 table spoons of Sweet Like Sugar
2 table spoons baking powder
4 table spoons coconut oil
5 drops of Sweet Drops of Stevia in Vanilla 
Mix all the dry ingredients into a big baking bowl. Slowly add the almond milk and Vanilla drops into the mixture and mix together until it is blended smoothly.
Add a big scoop on a medium heated pan and make sure to add coconut oil to the pan before making the pancakes. Bake the pancakes on the pan until it starts making bubbles and then bake it on the other side.
Topp the pancakes with your favourite type of fruits and of course the Choco Hazel spread. 
How delicious do they look! 
Make sure to let us know if you recreate our recipe and tag us on Instagram! Go check out our Instagram feed for more ideas for sugar free lifestyle!

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