Healthy Sugar | How To Stay Healthy and Get Rid Of Bad Sugar Habits!

Staying Healthy With Healthy Sugar and Getting Rid of Bad Sugar Habits

Almost every individual today consumes bad sugar in one way or another. Sugar in our system is helpful if taken in the right amount but can also be dangerous if someone takes it more frequently in large amounts. Most of the processed foods today have a lot of sugar which brings more harm than good. There are several solutions to reduce sugar consumption and we will point some of them out in this article.

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How does bad sugar harm our body?

Sugar can be harmful to our system in a number of ways when it is taken in large amounts. First added sugar lacks nutrients and it is bad for our teeth. Sugar is pure energy and it does not contain any proteins, fats or vitamins that’s why it also called empty calories. Sugar is bad for our teeth in that it provides a conducive environment for bad bacteria to form by offering easy digestible energy hence feeding this bacteria in the mouth. Sugar contributes to teeth decay as a result.

Another effect of added sugar is that it overworks the liver in the Body because it contains more of fructose. When we take in sugar it is digested to fructose and glucose. Fructose is not that essential in the body and the live always converts it to glycogen and store it but taking more sugar forces the liver to convert the fructose to fats leading to fat liver which most of the time results to complications such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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So we are eating to much bad sugar! How can we change that with natural healthy sugar sweeteners like Stevia?

Excess bad sugar intake also causes insulin resistance that can result to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Insulin is responsible for digestion of glucose in the blood. When one takes too much sugar the blood is filled with glucose and the cells becomes resistant to insulin thereby making the insulin to dysfunction. When the insulin fails to work, the body is at the risk of contracting diseases such as, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. When the insulin fails to work the pancreas which is the producer is overworked and this results to diabetes of sugar.

Sugar intake can be reduced in the body by use of natural healthy sugar sweeteners. Healthy sugar sweeteners are sugar alternatives as they serve the same purpose as sugar. There are two types of sweeteners in the market today, the natural sweeteners and the artificial sweeteners. The natural sweeteners are the best as they are safe. Artificial sweeteners are not of natural origin and have side effects to the body. The best natural sweeteners is stevia.



What is Stevia and how can it help me living a healthy sugar free life?

The stevia plan has been used for more than 1500 years as a sugar free sweet by the Guaraní people, who live on the borders of Brazil and Paraguay. Stevia contains stevioside in its leaves and this makes it 100-300 times sweet as sugar. Stevia has zero calories and carbohydrates unlike artificial sweeteners. 

Erythritol is one of the sweeteners that can act as a sugar substitute. Erythritol has zero glycemic index and it does not have any effect on the blood sugar. Due to this fact Erythritol is good and found mostly for people on low-carb diet. Another advantage of Erythritol is that is protects the teeth from decaying. The reason behind this is that Erythritol cannot be digested easily in the mouth and therefore cannot provide energy to the bacteria in the mouth so that they multiply and cause tooth cavity.

We always recommend a diverse and natural diet and planning before hand can help you greatly to reduce sugar consumption in the body, natural sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol are usually best served with variety of healthy ingredients.




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